İletişim Bilgileri

Adres: Kaşüstü Mah. Devlet Karayolu Cad. No: 19 Yomra / TRABZON
Tel: 00 90 462 344 01 69
Gsm: 00 90 532 235 67 74

Now, and bu choosing the correct partnerships, your investments can –again- sky rocket along with your profits and benefits by going through the procedures step by step together.

We, B Real Estate, will go thropugh all the procedures to change the estates and all other types of investments to become lawfully yours in Turkey (generally speaking) and in the Black sea’s pioneering Trabzon (specifically speaking).

We, at B Real Estate, treat your money as if it were ours while going the the procedures. We are very carefull and precise, as your money’s safety is of our priorities.